1. Understand our Partner

​​We take the time to get to know and understand our partners characteristics. This includes recognizing our partners culture as well as the distinct personality of the hiring group.

2. Define the Position

​Through meeting with our partner, we create a job worksheet that describes the company and culture, the essential responsibilities of the role, the required and preferred characteristics of the ideal candidate and any other relevant position or company information.

3. Research

We understand the importance of knowing our partners market and perform an informational search on their competitors, both locally and nationally. This information enables us to utilize our experience by leveraging the information gathered in order to deliver the highest quality candidates. In addition, we augment our list of potential candidates through our referral network so as to ensure a candidate pool of depth and breadth.

4. Begin our Search

​The initial stage of a search creates the foundation for its success. By engaging prospective sources and candidates we create a sense of momentum around the search which leads to additional prospects and sources that ultimately results in a slate of appropriate candidates for consideration.

5. Evaluate Potential Candidates

Assessing potential candidates is a process that requires a meaningful understanding of our clients environment, industry dynamics and needs. Through research, in-depth conversation and assessment of cultural fit, potential candidates are identified. We work closely with our clients throughout this critical stage of candidate development, maintaining regular communication through scheduled updates so as to partner in the process. This approach results in consistency, fewer surprises, and the most appropriate finalist candidates.

6. Identify Top Candidates

​By rigorously evaluating potential candidates we arrive at a core group of attractive prospects. This group is then further vetted through in-depth interviews, allowing the search consultant to gain further insight into the candidate's abilities and personality. Throughout the process, the primary contact with the candidates, client and all related parties is the lead consultant on the search which allows the consultant to manage the effort for optimal results.

7. Present Top Talent

​Once finalist candidates are identified the principal consultant provides the client with a detailed written presentation of each individual prior to the personal interviews with the client. This material includes professional experience, educational background and summary comments.

8. Secure the Candidate of Choice

​Our firm works directly with our client in managing all logistics related to finalist candidate interviews, scheduling, travel, etc. Following the interview process, we collaborate with the client in discussing the finalists, identify the candidate of choice and define the course of action to hire the chosen candidate. This includes assisting in the preparation, structuring and negotiation of the offer, if requested.

Our Process Comprises of Eight Fundamental Steps...


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