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Our Mission:

Having worked for Fortune 500 companies, and holding domestic and international executive roles, we believe that developing a partnership between all parties is the key ingredient to success.

How we do this is by carefully selecting our business partners and limiting the number of engagements we take on to ensure that each partnership remains a priority and results in success.

We pride ourselves in our ability to clearly understand our partners critical objectives, and in turn, select the candidates that best match the essence of their organization’s culture.

It is our firm belief that our business partner's greatest asset is a strong foundation of talent at all levels within their organization, providing them with a key competitive advantage over their competitors.  Therefore, we understand that to succeed in today’s business world, a company must recruit and retain the brightest talent.

What Sets Us Apart...

The Lambert Management Group, LLC is an executive search firm specializing in the Engineering, Logistics, Manufacturing, Operations and Accounting & Finance (Operations). We are a professional, high-performance, and passionate team of career veterans with a culmination of over 45 years in our respective industries, and are committed to making an impact on businesses and careers.

We bring a comprehensive understanding within each of the areas of our expertise, which includes process controls and quality improvement systems, such as Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Continuous Process Improvement and ISO, enabling us to provide our business partners with the maximum efficiencies and effectiveness they strive for.

To Help Our Partners Achieve Their Key Competitive Advantage!

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Our strategy and recipe for success remains consistent:

We provide trusted, consultative service by truly listening and responding to the needs of our partners and candidates. Thus consistently exceeding expectations by providing the very best candidates through a seamless and inclusive search approach.

Our value-added solutions allow us to identify and attract highly qualified leadership talent who will not only enhance our partner’s immediate performance, but innovate existing organizations and help to build new ones.