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The Lambert Management Group was formed to address a void in the search consulting market that we ourselves experienced as hiring managers in the corporate world.  Collaboration, communication and partnership, were three crucial factors we found missing when working with search firms.

Inter-organizational collaboration depicts a relationship between organizations in which the participating parties agree to invest resources, mutually achieve goals, share information, resources, rewards and responsibilities, as well as jointly make decisions and solve problems. It also goes a step further as collaboration among those involved allows for better communication throughout the process. It is a way of coordinating different thought processes to generate a wide variety of knowledge and options which have shown to positively impact performance and outcomes.

The culmination of collaboration and communication creates the third key factor, and that is partnership. That is why LMG considers our relationship with our client as a partnership, one in which we have moved into a joint venture to address an issue or need that they have.

It is every company’s objective to be successful and it is our belief that these three factors are critical. Therefore, they play a key role in our business model as they are critical to not only our success, but the success of our partners as well.